Social Responsibility

Uniforms play a fundamental role in creating firm bonds between the individuals of an institution. They are essential to bridging the social gaps that hinder the realization of common goals and values. We believe that fulfilling this responsibility in a sustainable manner demands high ethical standards and a culture that values honesty, integrity and transparency in all that we do.

How we produce our products says a lot about our company.

Many workers, factories and processes are involved in producing our shirts, pants, and other products in factories around the world. Some of our biggest challenges have centered on improving this part of our business. As with most other companies that sell apparel, we don’t own the weaving mills and garment factories that make our uniforms. But we do share responsibility for the conditions under which our products are made. Our commitment to safe and fair working conditions extends beyond our employees to include all of the partners in our supply chain.

We know from firsthand experience that our efforts to improve the lives of people who work on behalf of our company help us run a more successful business. People who work a reasonable number of hours in a safe and healthy environment not only have a better quality of life, but also tend to be more productive and deliver higher-quality products than those who work in poor conditions.

Running a sustainable company that cares for the environment is everyone’s business at Uniforia. Be it a water polluting finish that gets substituted for a less harmful one, an ISO 14000 Environmental Management requirement from our suppliers, or simply that email that never gets printed, we are always looking for new ways to reduce our carbon footprint and promote a more sustainable way of living and working.

Being a good corporate citizen is not just about the right thing to do; it also benefits our customers, employees, and our suppliers. It makes the Company a desirable place to work, and reinforces the attractiveness of our brand in a constantly changing environment.


Ziad Salame

I tried a Uniforia waterproof jacket on a business trip to Ukraine, and i was surprised at how well it blocks the cold wind and provides for effective insulation.

Nicolas Constantine
I had a great expererience working with Uniforia. The staff went out of their way to deliver an exceptional product right on schedule.
Joelle Khoury

The hoodies were great. Everyone loved the high quality embroidery on the front. The quality held well after more than 3 months of daily use.

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